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The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is the nation's largest and oldest major war veterans organization. Founded in 1899 and chartered by Congress in 1936, the VFW is comprised entirely of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, Guard and Reserve forces. With nearly 1.7 million VFW and Auxiliary members located in more than 6,600 Posts worldwide, the nonprofit veterans service organization is proud to proclaim “NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS” than the VFW, which is dedicated to veterans’ service, legislative advocacy, and military and community service programs.

VFW News

#StillServing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the lives of every citizen in the world.

In America, we know our veterans are #StillServing and rising to meet the challenges of this uncertain time.

If you - or a veteran you know - has stepped up to help others and your community in this unfolding situation, please take a moment to let us know what you're doing.

We want to share your stories and maybe even inspire others across the country to do the same.

Thank you for your service - and thank you for #StillServing!

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Call Out for Post and Department Stories

COVID-19 is affecting the lives of every citizen in the world. In America, we know our veterans are #StillServing ... rising to meet the challenges of this uncertain time.

How is your Post, District or Department stepping up to help others and your community in this unfolding situation? Are you hosting a blood drive, doing buddy checks, acting as a drop-off location for food donations or something else to meet the needs of your membership and community?

We want to share your stories and inspire others across the country to take action.

Email VFW Communications ( with what your Post, District or Department is doing to help. Please attach any photos you have of your efforts.

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VFW Opposes VA Decision to Eliminate Accredited Veterans Service Officers 48-Hour Review Period for Claims; Demands Answers from Leadership

WASHINGTON - Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander William "Doc" Schmitz called it "despicable" and "inconceivable" that Department of Veterans Affairs Undersecretary for Benefits Dr. Paul Lawrence intends to eliminate the accredited veterans service officer (VSO) 48-hour review period for claims effective April 30.

"The VFW strongly opposes the repeal of the 48-hour review period in reviewing VA decisions for accuracy, as this is a final quality control check that we perform on behalf of our veterans to ensure that their rating decisions are correct the first time," said Schmitz.

VSOs have the opportunity and the responsibility to review proposed VA rating decisions to ensure that all claimed conditions have been addressed and properly adjudicated prior to VA finalizing its rating decision and sending notification to the veteran.

For decades, VA has allotted VSOs 48 hours to review the applicable laws and regulations that were applied to the claim. During this time, VSO representatives can go back to VA to seek corrections before each claim goes to promulgation. This quality review allows VSOs to give the claim an independent quality control check before it is reviewed by VA and undergoes VA's internal quality review process.

The VSO review process is outlined in VA's claims processing manual, M21-1. Per M21-1 I.3.B.3.a "the purpose of VSO review is to identify any clear errors or matters of clarification that require significant discussion, and/or correction prior to promulgation."

VA formerly allowed this same review for VSOs in a paper-based system by utilizing the "ratings table" at each VA Regional Office that gave the VSO the opportunity to physically review the claims folder for accuracy. Once the VSO was satisfied that the rating was correct or held conversations with the rater to discuss actions, the VSO signed off on the rating signifying concurrence and it was then forwarded for promulgation.

"To paraphrase former Administrator of the Veterans Administration, Gen. Omar Bradley, 'We are dealing with [veterans], not procedures; with their problems, not ours,'" said Schmitz. "This philosophy should always guide VA in its transactions with veterans. Instead, VA's proposal to eliminate the 48-hour review puts process before people."

VA's decision to suspend the 48-hour review period for VSOs will only continue to further erode the veteran's right to competent representation in benefit claims before VA. The ability of VSOs to advocate on behalf of our clients has already been diminished by VA's continued rush to implement new business processes that appear to suit the needs of VA but will only result in additional appeals and disappointment with the claims process.

"The VFW remains committed to our veterans' advocacy mission - a century-old mission that predates VA's existence and management of veterans' benefit programs," said VFW National Veterans Service Director Ryan Gallucci. "The VFW compels VA Undersecretary for Benefits Dr. Paul Lawrence to reconsider his directive to eliminate the 48-hour review. Absent Dr. Lawrence's reconsideration, the VFW will exercise all avenues of redress to include proposing legislative remedies and pursuing litigation."

Schmitz said rash decisions like this result in a lack of trust in the VA from veterans, service members and families.

"The VA has had a difficult history of earning and maintaining the trust of its veterans, service members and families," Schmitz said. "Making this change in the midst of a national pandemic is extremely troublesome and is just the latest example of distrust and lack of confidence in our VA to make our veterans its number one priority."

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VFW Pays Tribute to the Service of Our Vietnam War Veterans

March 29 was officially designated National Vietnam War Veterans Day in 2017 as a way for Americans to honor and celebrate our Vietnam War veterans.

More than 58,000 U.S. service members died during the Vietnam War and approximately 1,587 remain missing, according to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency.

"As a Vietnam War veteran, I understand the impact and human toll this conflict had on my fellow comrades," said Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander William "Doc" Schmitz. "We can, and will never forget those who died in defense of freedom and remain missing today."

VFW senior leaders have traveled back to Vietnam every year since 1991 to help U.S. government efforts to account for missing and unaccounted-for servicemen and civilians.

"As long as the VFW exists, we will continue our efforts to help account for every American missing from the Vietnam War," said Schmitz.

National Vietnam War Veterans Day was made official through the "Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017," and encourages Americans to pay their respect to Vietnam War veterans in ceremonies and celebrations across the nation.

Join the VFW on Facebook on March 29 for a virtual event to show your appreciation for Vietnam veterans.

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